On average, a student paid € 126,- too much per month.


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“Taking action right away. I really like that”

Justin, 2nd year of Industrial Design

After I had done the point check on normalehuur.nl I found out that I paid 80 euros too much rent every month! I forwarded my email to the Huurteam Utrecht and was very happy with the good help I received. They came to do a free poll and then helped me take the right steps to raise my case with the Huurcommissie.

“Taking action right away. I really like that”

“No worries anymore thanks to NormaleHuur”

Anne-Fleur, 3rd year mechanical engineering student

After checking my rent on normalehuur.nl, it appeared I was paying too much. I was too anxious to deal with this because you never know how your landlord will respond. Thanks to the great guidance of Huurteam Utrecht, I could professionally address my problems to my landlord!

“No worries anymore thanks to NormaleHuur”

“Knowing exactly where you stand”

Kirstin, 1st year psychology student

I had no clue that there were any rules regarding how much rent can be asked for. When a friend told me about normalehuur.nl, I looked straightaway and I was shocked about how much higher my rent was than it was supposed to be! I wanted to do something about this immediately and contacted the VIDIUS legal service who adviced me regarding legal actions I could take.

“Knowing exactly where you stand”